Why do we need a home alert systems

Why do we need a home alert systems

According to statistics, in a society with a severely aging population, it is very common for the elderly to fall. As they grow older, their strength, balance, and vision decline, causing them to fall easily. We all know how serious the consequences of a fall are. If an elderly person falls, the sequelae are often catastrophic or even fatal. This is why the home alert system is needed. The sooner a person receives treatment after a fall, the more likely they are to survive. If the elderly have a medical alert system, all they have to do is press the button on the medical pendant after a fall, and the helper will be there within a few minutes. Such a small act may save a life.

Sometimes, they forget to do some daily things, such as taking out the garbage and washing the dishes. But more often, they forget to do important things, such as taking medicines on time. So we need a medical alert for the elderly, which can remind a person when they need to take medicine. Again, this is a life-saving function of medical alarms.

The second is loneliness. During the aging process, a person witnesses the departure of relatives and friends, which makes them feel painful and helpless. Although the elderly medical alert is just a machine, it can help a person reduce loneliness. Pressing the emergency button allows someone to talk to you. In an emergency, this button allows seniors to talk to nurses and obtain important health information. If the elder feels alone, the nurse is also happy to spend a few minutes talking with him.


So, what are the benefits of using a home emergency system?

Wide range of operation.

As long as you are within the range where the pager is installed, the call signal from your home will sound an alarm. Some products support this function even outdoors, which is very friendly for those who go out camping, fishing, skating, and sketching.

Notify close relatives.

Most medical alert systems for the elderly are equipped with a feature that can notify your loved ones immediately when an emergency occurs. Some advanced alarm systems can even detect your health or abnormal conditions. These may include floods, gas leaks or fires. The system can then send an alert to your emergency contacts to notify them that there is an emergency.

24/7 monitoring.

All advanced elderly alarm systems are equipped with 24/7 monitoring functions. This ensures that users are protected anytime, anywhere. An emergency may happen at any time. For example, in a hospital, a patient needs help. As long as you press the button, the night nurse will help you without disturbing others.


When we grow up and start to go out to work, sometimes due to busy work, we don't have time to visit the elderly at home, which makes us feel guilty. The best way is to make time to visit them or buy this type of product suitable for them.

We know that what the elderly need most is companionship. In addition to the above conditions, the home alert systems also guarantee the health and safety of the elderly, and more importantly, it can make them feel at ease. Loneliness will not always surround them. When you want to communicate with others or share interesting things, just press the button. Isn't this a good way to relieve the stress of the elderly?

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