How to choose the right medical alert for seniors

How to choose the right medical alert for seniors

People will age, this is a natural phenomenon. Many people dare not face the increasing age, fearing poor physical condition, inconvenience, and restriction of freedom. But you can still enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle at 65. We provide a medical alert for seniors of all ages, allowing them to benefit a lot from the senior alert system.

Usually, some people cannot live alone, nor do they have enough money to enter nursing homes or assisted living facilities. If you are sick, you can't get care, and it depends on your doctor's instructions. Actually this is a very bad phenomenon.

In order to help them solve the above phenomenon, let's discuss a question: which product should we choose?


Convenient "call" button.

High-quality products should be equipped with one or more call buttons, not only for homes, but also for nursing homes and hospitals. In this way, caregivers can understand what they need in time, provide help in time, and don't waste each other's time. The button can be worn on the strap and worn around the neck. It is very convenient to press the button in an emergency.


The ideal function of any call system for the elderly is to have a waterproof function, because the elderly often fall in these two places, so this function allows the user to place it when showering and using the bathtub. If the system is based on mobile devices, the waterproof medical alert button allows more senior citizens to participate in social activities. For example, they can swim, exercise and sweat freely, while still being protected in the rain.

Battery Life.

In the event of a power outage or other emergencies, the product you have purchased can maintain a longer standby time.

Fall detection.

Install the buzzer paired with the button. When the old man falls down, the buzzer will automatically sound. Don’t worry, the volume of the product is so loud that even people with poor hearing can hear it.


When most people get older, they would rather live in their own house than in a nursing home. But living alone is terrible, because if there is an emergency (such as a fall or a medical accident), you will most likely never wake up after going to the hospital. The medical reminder system can make it safer for the elderly to live alone.

Andrew Carle, director of the George Mason University Senior Housing Medical Center, sent an email to LIVESCIENCE: "Emergency response technology is very important because among the elderly over 75, the number of deaths due to falls is The highest." "Falling" is also the main reason for hospitalization at this age. Carl said that every year one-third of people over 65 will fall, and half of people over 85 will fall. In order to reduce the relevant data, we recommend using emergency medical alerts, which are helpful to you and the people you care about.

In order to alleviate your worries of becoming lonely and vulnerable in an emergency situation, the top medical alert for seniors can help you do this. Provide independence for people with disabilities. Compared with the traditional immature ones, advanced medical emergency systems should have more comprehensive functions and unique designs.But based on your own financial situation,shop around to find the most suitable medical alert system for you.


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