The role of medical alert system in life

The role of medical alert system in life

According to reports, many people have fallen injuries due to their missteps. For young people, it's just a small thing, but for older people, it's a big thing. Therefore, in order to reduce the probability of not being able to get help in time after a fall, whether you are buying a medical alert system for yourself or for your elders, it is not an easy task. Although medical alarms designed for the elderly provide customers with a wireless safety net, they are costly, especially in terms of budget.

Therefore, it makes sense to choose a high-quality and low-cost alarm system for you or your loved ones, and it is very important.

Obviously, most elderly people pursue independent lives and want to increase their independence, but this is a special period of new coronary pneumonia, so how to solve this problem has become more important. As the virus spreads everywhere, causing serious damage to most nursing homes and communities, you need to choose a good medical alert system to ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones at home.

If you or your parents live alone at home and want to ensure that you get help as soon as possible in the event of an accident or emergency, you may need a medical alert system. These devices are very suitable for "older people who are at risk of falling, mental disorders, the elderly, the weak and sick, and those with serious diseases, such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's." Dr. Saxena said.


When the elderly are far away from their loved ones, an expert also suggested the use of a medical alert system. She said: "I talked to the sister of an 80-year-old client. The grandmother was alone at home, and she was the caregiver who took care of her daily life. She was worried because her sister had Alzheimer's disease. She didn't know about it. Under circumstances, her sister would walk around and didn't know that she was lost." Experts advised her to buy a GPS-tracked medical alert system. "

Experts added that another advantage of the medical alert system is: "It is by our side like a friend; seeing a loved one fall on the floor will automatically notify emergency services, instead of being discovered a few days later."

If you have the following reasons, you can use the medical alert system:

  1. Taking drugs with side effects, fearing that you will not get help after the side effects occur
  2. Feeling anxious about living alone
  3. Not living with family members or caregivers, insecure
  4. Unstable physical health

Function description of medical alarm system


These features will give you peace of mind, and provide security for you and your loved ones in the future. A good medical alert system should do its best in these aspects.

  1. Emergency response time

From the moment the button is pressed and the wireless signal is sent out, the receiver can quickly receive the signal. The time of reflection is very important, which determines whether the family or the caregiver can know someone who needs help in time.

  1. Sound quality

The volume of the receiver directly affects whether family members or carers can hear the call for help; CallToU's pager has 55 kinds of music for you to choose, and the moving music sounds relaxing.

  1. Scope

For GPS mobile systems, range is not an issue. But for home systems, the range is usually between 0 and 500 feet.

  1. Waterproof device

Bathrooms, swimming pools, etc. are slippery. In order to prevent most electronic products from being damaged after encountering water, and taking into account the needs of specific groups of people using this product, each medical alert system is waterproof.




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