The meaning of pager sale

The meaning of pager sale

When the restaurant starts to reopen to customers after the novel coronavirus pneumonia, this article will serve as a guide to how the restaurant operates.

The focus is on the following aspects:

Use pager for sale to reduce contact

Wear a mask

Clean and hygienic

Protect the disadvantaged

Water and ventilation system

Social guidelines


Hotels must take the following measures to promote social distancing between employees and customers:

Customers who arrange tables and seats indoors and outdoors must have at least 6 feet of space between them.

Customers sitting at the counter should be at least six feet apart.

Post signs to remind customers and employees of social distancing.


Some people may be very puzzled: How can I order food if I ask to keep such a distance?

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The restaurant is encouraged, but the following actions are not required:

A maximum of 6 people are allowed per table, unless they are a family.

Unless seats can be arranged to maintain social distance between parties, do not use the same table and space between multiple parties.

Ask customers to wait outside to ensure that they are 6 feet apart.

If available, provide hand sanitizer (containing at least 60% alcohol) at the entrance.

Educate employees on how to properly wear, disassemble, clean or dispose of masks.

Where it is difficult to maintain a physical distance of 6 feet, install physical barriers, such as sneezing fences and partitions, in cash registers or other food collection areas.

It is recommended that all service personnel stay 6 feet away from customers as much as possible.

By using the reservation system or other methods, the meal time is staggered to the greatest extent; shifts are used to exchange employee working hours.

Staff meetings should be held in a virtual way, or provided in the form of written instructions, rather than gathered together.

Provide condiments according to customer requirements; or provide disposable condiment packaging.

Provide takeaway, roadside pick-up and delivery.

Provide non-contact payment methods, such as online payment or scan code payment, to minimize cash contact.


Having said that, not only can we adopt the above methods to ensure the normal operation of restaurants during the epidemic, but we can also purchase restaurant pagers to improve service efficiency while operating, so that customers can eat at ease.


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