The Most Suitable Restaurant Pager System For Servers

The Most Suitable Restaurant Pager System For Servers

Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, some new products have been gradually developed to meet people's daily needs. Restaurant pager system for servers is one of them.

Some people may ask: Why install a meal taker in a restaurant? Isn't there a waiter?

In the past few decades, the service industry has not been so developed, and waiters have become the bridge between customers and restaurants. If it happens to catch up with the peak period, the restaurant is overcrowded, and the surrounding environment is so noisy that the waiter will make small mistakes when registering customer needs: wrong customer needs, wrong meal, forget to serve side dishes... These mistakes could have been avoided, but if they accumulate for a long time, it will be very bad for the reputation of the restaurant.

The service industry focuses on a belief: the customer is God. If the customer is dissatisfied at any point, he should make improvements at that point. Therefore, in recent years, meal pickers have been introduced in restaurants in some countries.


CallToU's restaurant pager system is designed to improve customer service. Its characteristics are as follows:

  1. Used in many occasions: shops, bookstores, hospitals, banks, factories, shopping centers, entertainment centers, restaurants, coffee shops, pizzerias, food courts, clinics, churches, car shops, test centers or other places where you need to queue up .
  2. Wireless paging system: including 16 customer roller coaster pagers and 1-999 channel attendant keyboard. You can add up to 999 pagers, so you don’t have to worry about running out of pagers when your business grows.
  3. Rechargeable battery: The built-in external antenna on the keyboard and 16 battery charging slots for the pager. Each pager has its own built-in rechargeable battery. The battery life depends on the frequency of use.
  4. Multiple reminders: vibration + LED flashing; buzzer + LED flashing; vibration + buzzer + LED flashing. (Users can switch the required mode according to their needs) When the waiter makes a call, the corresponding pager vibrates or emits a sound, and the LED flashes to remind customers to pay attention to the food.
  5. Advanced radio frequency wireless technology: 433.92MHz radio frequency is more stable in transmission between the pager and the keypad, and is almost free from interference from other radio signals. The indoor transmission distance is 165-330 feet, and the outdoor transmission distance is 3080 feet. Therefore, it is universal indoors and outdoors, so there is no need to worry about signal problems.
  6. Lovely appearance: life needs a sense of ritual. Meal is not only to fill your stomach. If you have a lovely and beautiful meal taker full of art, you can also make people feel happy and increase the satisfaction of dining.
  7. The quality is high and can stand the test of time; the shape conforms to the aesthetics of most people: the beautiful dish shape; the solid touch and the excellent quality, let you have a unique shopping experience.

The restaurant pager system for servers can improve work efficiency and customer satisfaction, reduce labor costs, and improve the image and reputation of the restaurant; keep employees away from chaotic order; reduce the number of people waiting in line and work more efficiently; the scope of use is not limited to restaurants, It can also be widely used in dining rooms, hospitals, churches, and various workplaces.

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