The status of emergency pagers in the life of the elderly

The status of emergency pagers in the life of the elderly

In some cases, caregivers of elderly people or patients with serious illnesses sometimes need to respond quickly to emergencies such as falls, epilepsy, heart attacks, and syncope. Traditional medical call systems can help, but a lot of valuable time may be wasted in the process of evaluation, familiarization and adjustment. This is why many home nanny and families choose emergency pager for elderly. When a patient needs immediate help, press the help button and the caregiver will receive an alert immediately instead of a call from an external agency or company.

Any medical alert system must strike a balance between patient privacy and immediate assistance. There are many types of medical pagers, the most primitive ones are extensions like telephones. With the development of technology in recent years, a number of pager systems have appeared-the pendant type is the most popular, which allows patients to Carry a pendant with you in your daily life, which can be hung on your neck or wrist strap. Since many paging systems have multiple transmitters and receivers (purchased according to your needs), caregivers, nanny or nurses can remotely monitor patients, and after they send an emergency request, they can rush to the scene to help. And these pager systems are more economical because there is no monthly monitoring fee.


If you are a caregiver and are considering providing a medical pager for your loved one, please read the relevant shopping guide. In this article today, I will introduce CallToU’s medical alert system , this system has several receivers and transmitters to provide complete coverage in multi-storey houses. If you live in a large house, you can consider buying products of this brand.

Precautions when choosing a emergency pager for elderly.

  1. Consider economic capacity. Some medical emergency systems need to charge a monthly fee of 50-60 US dollars, which is a considerable cost in a year. Therefore, if there is no stable economic source, it is not recommended to buy products that charge a monthly fee. You can choose to buy products like CallToU.
  2. Wireless or wired? The products are divided into two types: wired and wireless. The wired one needs to be plugged into the socket to use, and the wireless one can be used as long as the signal is sufficient, which is much more convenient than the wired one.
  3. Do you need GPS service? For people who travel a lot, it is better to choose a product with a GPS system, because it will monitor your location at any time, and can notify the medical company in time after you have an accident; while staying at home for a long time, occasionally The elderly who go out for community activities are suitable for home use. CallToU's products cover a wide range. If the elderly fall in the yard and press the call button, the receiver can also receive the signal.emergency-pager-for-elderly

Common problem

Q: There is a medical pager button on my lanyard. Can I wear it while sleeping?

A: If placing the transmitter next to the pillow will make you feel safer, you can wear a lanyard and pendant at night. However, if the lanyard is wrapped around the user or triggers a false alarm, it may pose a safety hazard. Putting the pager on the bedside table or hanging on the bedside may be a better choice.

Q: How loud is the alarm on the receiver? Can my nanny hear?

A: The alarm volume varies from model to model, but generally reaches 50 to 90 decibels. It is large enough to attract the attention of caregivers, but not as loud or harsh as a typical home alarm system. Most medical pager systems allow users to test the volume of the alarm.

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