Reasons and precautions for choosing an emergency pager for the elderly

Reasons and precautions for choosing an emergency pager for the elderly

People of any age may cause injuries after a fall. After a young man falls accidentally, the lightest injury is no more than a bruise, and the most serious may be skin trauma, which is not a major problem. But for the elderly, a fall can bring great harm to their body and soul.

According to the statistics of the National Council on Aging, one in four elderly people over the age of 60 fall every year. This is not a data that can be ignored.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that every year about 3 million elderly people seek treatment for falls in the emergency room, and about 800,000 people are hospitalized for falls. The most common hospitalizations are for head injuries and hip fractures.

According to the Aging and Independent Services Agency under the San Diego County Department of Health and Human Services, falls are the most common cause of death for accidental injuries among the elderly locally.

Therefore, we must be vigilant and pay attention to all aspects of life at all times to make the house safer in order to reduce the hidden danger of elderly falls.


But this is only part of it. What should we do if there is an accident?

So this is the reason for the emergence of emergency pager for elderly, which aims to help the elderly get help in time after encountering an emergency.

The original intention of this product design is to protect those who are old, weak, sick, severely ill, mentally disordered, or have visual and hearing impairments. Ensure that they can get help in time when encountering an emergency, and do not waste precious rescue time.

There are many forms of medical emergency systems. The traditional telephone type pager, but its disadvantage is that it is too large and can only be placed on the table or other fixed objects, which is very inconvenient for the elderly, because they cannot be at the table all the time. .

Therefore, in recent years, the medical emergency system has developed a variety of forms: watch style, wristband style, and some can even be used as pendants to hang around the neck, which greatly facilitates the elderly.

If you are a family member or caregiver of an elderly person and are considering buying a medical pager for them, then please read the buying guide to ensure that you will not lose.


Effective coverage

It is important that the emergency pager for elderly you choose has enough scope to reliably inform the nursing staff. The effective range of the medical paging system should be mentioned in the product description or packaging. For most homes, a range of 500 feet or more is sufficient, but additional receivers need to be installed on multiple floors.

Standby time

The patient's emergency call button is usually battery-powered, which means that the battery needs to be replaced regularly. The main receiver can be directly plugged into a household AC power outlet, or it can be powered by a rechargeable battery. There should be a backup power supply to ensure that it can still work normally in the event of a power failure.

Alert options

Some caregivers prefer the alarm sound because it attracts people's attention; while others want to use customized alarms and choose good music because they will not disturb the patient or other people when activated. Some medical paging systems allow patients and caregivers to choose among dozens of alarm sounds to find an alarm sound that meets their personal needs and preferences. The amount of alarms is also a consideration because some systems do not allow users to adjust.

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