Views on the best medical alerts

Views on the best medical alerts

According to market research firm Cole Market Research, the smart home healthcare market will grow from USD 4.5 billion in 2017 to USD 30 billion in 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 37.3% from 2018 to 2023 (forecast period).

What caused this phenomenon?

The phenomenon of population aging is very common in today's society. Young people go to work daily to support their families, so there is not much time to take care of the elderly at home. When a person is 60 years old, the functions of various parts of the body begin to decline, the bones become weak, and it is inconvenient to move. If you accidentally fall, the consequences are unimaginable. In severe cases, it can cause fainting and even loss of life. Moreover, it is a common phenomenon for the elderly to fall. In order to solve this problem and fundamentally reduce the adverse effects of falls, a best medical alert has emerged.

This kind of medical alarm system specially designed for the elderly, when the elderly need help, they can get help in time by pressing the button to make the receiver ring.


But some stubborn seniors refuse to use them because they don't want to make themselves vulnerable, or they just think these devices are very ugly!

Well, fortunately, we found a cheap, free, and beautiful medical alert option that you won’t even realize you are wearing.

The products under the CallToU brand have beautiful appearance and complete functions. It has the following characteristics.

Strong waterproof function. It doesn't matter if it splashes with water or soup. But please remember that you cannot soak in water for a long time, which will affect the use of the product.

Multiple choices. The product comes with 55 kinds of ringtones, you can choose your favorite ringtone as call reminder. You can also adjust the volume, the decibel range is 0db to 110db.

Multiple buttons can be paired. One receiver can be paired with multiple call buttons, which is very convenient. It also improves service efficiency,especially in hospital.

Small and convenient. The call button can be connected with the donated lanyard, which does not occupy space and is also convenient for the elderly to use.

Wide operating temperature range. It will work normally even below 0 degrees and will not be affected by the weather at all. Also in high temperature environment.

Choosing the right medical alert system has many benefits for us.


Avoid nursing homes.

As we all know, the cost of entering a nursing home is very expensive. Many elderly people have special feelings for their homes and communities because they stay in a certain place for a long time. If they move to an unfamiliar place, it will more or less harm their body and mind. The medical alert system helps to avoid costs and troubles caused by relatives moving.

Save on ambulance costs.

Regardless of whether an ambulance is needed, the cost of a single ambulance ride may reach about one thousand dollars, which is unacceptable for most people. But when you use the alarm device, you can avoid this kind of trouble. In the event of a sudden situation, you can call on your family or neighbors to send the elderly to the hospital, which saves time and money when it is discovered that the rescue cannot be done in time.

Nowadays, people in many families are using this product, which has become a common phenomenon. For the safety of you and your family, what are you waiting for? Please buy best medical alert  for them.


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