What should we pay attention to before buying the wrist call button for the elderly

What should we pay attention to before buying the wrist call button for the elderly

The medical alarm system is an emergency response device that you can wear on your body or at home. In an emergency, you can contact your family or nursing staff by pressing a button. Many medical alarm devices have a fall detection function. If the user falls, this function will automatically call and get help for you. The medical alert system provides additional protection for elderly people who live alone or who have serious illnesses but prefer to stay at home to maintain their independence.

"Most elderly people want to provide for their care in place," said Dr. Lakeling Hogan, a gerontologist and caregiver advocate at the Home Alternative Senior Care Center. "Many people say that they will be heartbroken to think that they can't spend the rest of their lives at home. But over time, the same place where we create lifetime memories will naturally become more challenging."

More than 3 million (mostly elderly) consumers have wrist call buttons for elderly—emergency buttons or pendants worn on their wrists—if you fall or encounter other emergencies and cannot call 911, they can let you You ask for help.

"The risk of falls or medical emergencies among the elderly is higher than that of other groups," said Dr. Sinwani. "Falls are a serious threat to the health of the elderly and will impair their ability to live independently at home. Each year, more than one-quarter of the elderly fall, and one-fifth of them will cause serious injuries such as fractures, such as fractures. Hip fracture or head injury."


No one wants to imagine a situation where they or their loved ones are unable to seek help in a medical emergency. This is why many older Americans, especially those who live alone or suffer from chronic diseases, choose medical alert systems.

"The medical alert button can help reduce the risk of living alone-improve the independence of the elderly and give their carers or family members peace of mind," Hogan said. "If there is a fall or a medical emergency, just press the button and the alert system Will help."

So, if we want to buy wrist call button for elderly, what should we consider in advance?


  1. The comfort and wearability of mobile devices. Traditional medical equipment is a large telephone type and cannot be carried with you. And now some devices are designed as small call buttons, and can be carried around, can be worn as a pendant around the neck, which is convenient for the elderly.
  2. Water resistance of wearable devices. Water resistance is the first thing to consider, because the bathroom and kitchen are places where the elderly often fall. If you can’t get help in time after a fall, the consequences will be unimaginable.
  3. Battery life and charging requirements. The battery life is very important. If you encounter a special situation like a power outage, the elderly are easy to fall in the dark, so whether it can be used under special circumstances is very important.
  4. Installation costs and monthly service costs. Some products require a monthly fee ranging from 50 to 60 US dollars, which is a large amount of expenditure in a year, which is unaffordable for those who do not have a fixed income or whose income is unstable. Therefore, you must know in advance whether there is a monthly fee for the product before you buy, so that you will not be led by the nose.

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