Wrist call buttons for elderly to contact family and help the elderly

Wrist call buttons for elderly to contact family and help the elderly

According to surveys and statistics, in the United States, about one-quarter of people over the age of 65 have fall accidents every year. And every 11 seconds, an elderly person is treated in the emergency room for a fall, and an elderly person dies from a fall every 19 minutes. Such data is terrible, so how to maximize the avoidance of elderly falls is very important.

There are two methods. One is to strengthen the bones of the elderly and make their bodies stronger. But this method is not suitable for the entire elderly group, because some elderly people are seriously ill and have difficulty getting out of bed to exercise; there is another method for them to buy a wrist call button for the elderly.

Fall detectors, community alerts, and remote care can help you take care of your elderly relatives, help them stay safe at home, and maintain their independence, dignity, and respect.

There are many different types of fall alarm systems on the market, some of which use automatic fall detection technology, and some do not. Both types of devices are designed to be worn by the elderly, and the system can detect falls on its own. They do not rely on the senior to have to press the emergency bottom. If the elderly cannot press the button to call emergency services, it can also detect a fall and call for help.


How can CallToU’s wrist call button for elderly help protect the safety of your loved ones?

Installing the right equipment at home and using the equipment provided by CallToU is one of the most effective ways to give elderly relatives the independence they need.

Support 24 hours a day monitoring. People who use this product will get a wrist or necklace pendant that they can press when they need help. The paging sirens installed in their homes will respond to the call for help, reducing their time and energy for yelling, and they can get help quickly. This allows you to get medical help as soon as possible after anything has happened or in an emergency.

"This innovative technology is designed to make the life of the elderly and other families as easy as possible," Stephanie said. "It can change the life of a family and allow your loved ones to stay at home for as long as possible."

Some people may argue that it is better to go to a nursing home than to waste time at home. Experts said: "We don't think the service provided by this product can replace nursing homes, but we can help you or your elderly family members stay independent, maintain their dignity and respect, and make their lives comfortable and enjoyable. "


When you are ready to start buying medical alerts, you need to make decisions that will affect the overall functionality of your system and the fees you will pay.

Need to carefully consider whether to use a home system or a mobile system?

Initially, the medical alert system was designed to work in your home with fixed equipment. Using these systems, by pressing the wearable call button, you can communicate with your family or caregiver through the basic unit in your home. But many companies also offer mobile options. You can use these systems at home, but they also allow you to ask for help while out. They operate through a cellular network and incorporate GPS technology. In this way, if you get lost or press the call button for help but cannot make a call, the surveillance service can find you.

If you are frail and sick or don’t leave your home often, you don’t need a mobile system; if you’re an elderly person who travels frequently, mobile devices are more suitable for them.

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