Caregiver Pager Watch Service Special Group

Caregiver Pager Watch Service Special Group

If your loved one suffers from a serious illness, such as diabetes, heart disease, epilepsy, or mental disorders, buying a caregiver pager watch is a smart way to contact or remind family members, caregivers or medical professionals in an emergency.

Many standard smart watches, such as Apple Watch, can monitor heart rate and record steps, but other products are designed to go beyond these capabilities and provide links to support services in the event of problems. One day in the future, wearable devices are likely to provide these features.

Standard medical call systems such as LifeLine can help, but may waste your valuable time in the assessment and dispatch process. This is why many home care workers choose medical pager systems. When a patient needs immediate help, he or she presses the help button and the caregiver will receive an alert immediately instead of a call from an external agency.

Any medical alert system must strike a balance between the privacy of patients and the need for immediate assistance. The medical pager allows the patient to carry a small pendant on a lanyard or wrist strap during daily life, and it can also be carried around, such as in the pocket of a jacket or trousers. Family members or caregivers can remotely monitor the patient because the pager system has more than one transmitter and receiver. And this pager system is more economical, because there is no monthly monitoring fee.

If you are a caregiver, or there are people in your family who need to be taken care of, you can read this article to decide whether you want to buy CallToU products. It has several receivers and call buttons, depending on your needs. You can cover multiple areas in your house.


Detailed information about the product:

The transmitter/button is waterproof. It's okay to be splashed with soup or other liquids, and the receiver can be installed in the bathroom or kitchen.

An emergency call watch and several call buttons are designed for the freedom of each caregiver and affected person/elderly/resident/disabled/patient, while still seeking help in the community where they are located. You don't have to yell to get people's attention.

The watch has four modes for you to choose. You can choose the mode according to your own situation. The modes are: silent, vibration, sound, and vibration plus sound.

It should be noted that the caregiver pager watch is not only suitable for homes and hospitals, but also can be used in other scenarios: such as restaurants, paste a call button on each table, and the customer only needs to tap the button when they need service, and the waiter can provide service immediately This can improve customer satisfaction and the efficiency of restaurant operations; in hospitals or small clinics, buttons are attached to the bedside of the hospital bed. When the patient is uncomfortable or wants something, just tap the button instead of going through the big Yelling to call the nurse, especially at night, yelling can affect other people's rest.

Q:1. What does the green light represent when I'm charging the watch? I guess it means it's charging but how do I know it is fully charged?

A: The green light blinks while the watch is charging. Once it's charged, the green light will stay on. It will also blink if there is an unanswered call. ——By Customer Wendi McKenzie on December 28, 2018



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