Choosing the right personal alert system

Choosing the right personal alert system

If you currently live alone, or an elderly person in your family lives alone, it is unlikely that you will be spotted in the event of an accident.If you find that you have a serious old problem again, you cannot call 911 for help if you are at a loss...Scenes like this are very common in life, so, in order to reduce the occurrence of such accidents and reduce the probability, is there any solution?

We should feel lucky, because of the rapid development of technology and the continuous improvement of human wisdom, some things that were previously unimaginable have been invented one after another. The same is true for personal alert system.

There are many reasons for the emergence of personal emergency systems. In view of this, there is also a part of the reason: consider the needs of the elderly. For example, in the bath, they may slip off due to the smooth floor; they may cut themselves when cutting vegetables in the kitchen due to presbyopia; they are fragile due to inconvenience, balance problems and the limitations of chronic diseases. Higher risks for medical and other emergencies.


However, choosing the right system is not easy. There are many options, and many seniors don’t know which is the best, suitable for them, or the most important function. We have compiled some important tips for seniors considering a medical alert system from Consumer Reports. Before buying or using, please refer to the following tips.

Doesn't rely on smartphone apps.

Some senior citizens consider installing medical alert software on their smartphones instead of installing them at home. Medical alert applications can really help, but they don't work like a stand-alone system. This is because even if the most technologically advanced applications are installed, the elderly will not carry their smartphones with them, which means they will never be protected. The phone is not waterproof, if you do not pay attention to the shower, it will damage the phone. Sometimes you stand up from the sofa without realizing that the phone has fallen out of your pocket. In view of the above reasons, we do not recommend installing this application on a smartphone.

Determine if you need a personal system.

Choosing the right type of medical alert system is one of the most important steps in the purchase process. If you are at home for a long time, or in a certain community, the effect of using the personal system will be better.


What is the main purpose.

Clearly understand the purpose and purpose of the purchase. Most people are busy with work and cannot take care of the elderly at home, so they buy it for their parents or the elderly. Even elderly people living alone can use this product. Just install the receiver at home, press the button, and the system will sound an alarm.

Features of the product.

The first thing to consider is whether the product is waterproof, this is the most important point. Because the bathroom and the kitchen are the two places where elderly people often fall, we must ensure that they can get help in time after falling; second is the scope of application, some products can be used even outdoors, for things like camping and group fishing , mountain climbing and other large-scale activities are very friendly; the last is battery life, even if there is a power outage, there is no need to be frightened.

In summary, the purchase of a personal alert system needs to be considered from many levels. In the next few years, with the development of technology, more products will be developed to improve the quality of life of the elderly. But our purpose is the same: for the safety of the loved ones.



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